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    1. 中國



      沈陽力天物流設備有限公司 地址:沈陽市大東區滂江街68號 電話:024-24321670 郵箱:sale@liteen.cn
      遼ICP備08001754號-1 網站建設:中企動力沈陽





      Shenyang Liteen logistics equipment Co, Ltd, founded in 1996, is a professional engaged in lifting handling equipment, warehousing automation integrated system of production and sales. The company is located in the Northeast -Shenyang, the superior geographical position helps the company greatly reduce procurement and transportation costs, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.
      Company and the international famous brand manufacturers and excellent domestic enterprises cooperation, for the automotive manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, machinery manufacturing industry, medicine industry, supermarkets and retail industry customers to provide a full range of high quality logistics
      products and solutions, Make the customer better in the production of modern enterprises.
      The company has passed IS09001 quality system certification, follow the"full cooperation, excellence, to meet customer requirements, to seek improvement, sustainable development, beyond the expectations of the parties"business quality policy.
      The company provides high quality products at the same time, but also to provide customers with thoughtful and efficient after-sales service.
      The company has a free service telephone(4006097897), all-weather 24 hours of service.
      Company to serve as a foothold in this. To leading technology, advanced technology as the basis, with twenty years to build a team, to ensure that the Liteen company become customers most satisfied with the commercial stations as a partner.
      —— "financial logistics boutique, lean logistics" is our commitment to customers the most sincere.

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